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Nude Celebrity Review: Celebrity Fakes

What's Fake And What's Real?

  Every day it seems I come across a new fake nude image of some celebrity or new hype about celebrities in unbelievable sex acts. Sometimes they're good ones and sometimes they are really rediculous. I thought a page like this might help surfers determine whether they are being 'faked out' or not. Especially if they are considering purchasing a membership to a site based on promised content that seems a bit far fetched, as some are quite expensive.
  Fake nude celebrity images or false headlines about nude celebrities aren't a problem with me when they are clearly identified rather than used to dupe surfers. They can be fun in the satirical sense like cartoons we see in magazines. Of course, I do have a problem with fakes that intentionally degrade or misrepresent a celebrity.
  There are two methods of using fake images on today's nude celebrity sites. One by just substituting a look-a-like photo and the other by retouching an existing one. Most often a star's head is cut & pasted onto someone else's body kind of like body doubles are used in the movies. Another, more difficult method is to modify the clothing on a non-nude shot of a star. This method takes a pretty savvy graphics person to create a believable image and is not seen as often.
  Aside from the actual fake image issue there is the problem of sales pitches designed around content that doesn't exist. A very common tactic is a false headline like "Alicia Silverstone dildo". Of course, when you enter the site this picture is nowhere to be found or a very poor fake image is delivered. Do you really think Alicia Silverstone would have these kind of photos out and we wouldn't have heard about them all over television and magazines? When it comes to headline hype on a site's home page don't be naive. Most nude celebrity content on the web is scanned from magazines, captured from video or in some cases created by a good fake artist.
  Below I've posted a few of the most often used fake images and listed some of the common false headlines I've seen. Additionally I've added a link to The Fake Detective -- a great site that hunts down and identifies fake nude celebrity images. His reputation for accuracy is excellent.

Fake Nude Celebrities As Art

  Without a doubt there are some incredible image artists these days and many create what I'll refer to as "digital celebrity fantasy art". They create astouding fantasy scenarios with celebrities (usually nude) that are stunning, to say the least. One site that features such digital art is Nude Celebrity Fantasies.
  These type of fakes are fine in my eyes since no one is trying to pull the wool over them. A majority of them are very complimentary to the celebrities and the endless hours of labor it takes to create one can be appreciated.

Some Common Fake Nude Celebrity Pictures
fake image of Salma Hayek fake image of Gillian Anderson fake image of Jennifer Love-Hewitt fake image of Sandra Bullock
Salma Hayek
Gillian Anderson
Jennifer Love-Hewitt
Sandra Bullock

Got a question about a photo?
Check out The Fake Detective

Some Common Fake Nude Celebrity Headlines
Alicia Silverstone dildo shot
Madonna cum shot
Cindy Crawford blow-job
Jenny McCarthy Anal
Jennifer Aniston Porno!
Claudia Shiffer - Banned teen hardcore video!!!
Exclusive Celebrity Hardcore Gallery
A bit hard to believe, aren't they?

Nude Celebrity Review
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