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Nude Celebrity Review: Female Picture Sites
[ Reviews of sites offering primarily nude celebrity photos - many have additional content ]

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Female Nude Celebrity Pictures Started It All

  Long before the Internet people have been collecting nude photos of their favorite female celebrities. From print magazines and the old fashioned Bulletin Board System they're have been serious collectors and of course, those who just want to see their favorite female celebrities nude. Here are the best nude female celebrity sites I know of.

[ Sites are listed alphabetically, not by any sort of rank ]
  FemaleStars.com   [ www.femalestars.com/ ]
  If you're looking for nude and sexy female stars, this is the site for you! FemaleStars.com has a wide assortment of celebrities from movie and television stars to singers, models and athletes. Categories are easily accessible with tabs on the top of the page that will lead you to your desire. You can learn about your favorite celebrity through their biography, and of course see them in pictures. Want to see Pro Surfer Wendy Botha in her birthday suit? Well, you can Wendy and other famous athletes nude just by clicking a button.
  The site is constantly updated with loads of new photos daily. A new section to the site is the video clips of your favorite celebrities. You can download some sexy scenes of your favorite lady and watch it over and over! The Xtras are fantastic! How can you go wrong with XXX videos and live camera feeds? This allows you the pleasure to view your favorite adult stars and amateurs doing what they do best, all for your enjoyment. This site is a gem, enjoy!

  The BiDaily Celebrity Nudes   [ www.dman-presents.com/bidaily/ ]
  Run by the same fellow that brings you the Babes of Babylon Nude Celebrity site this one follows suit. The word 'Class' comes to mind for this one. As the name says, new celebrities (not just one or two) are posted every other day (does he take weekends off?) most always with quite a few pics of each.
  You can always see every picture he's every posted (since 1996) at his archive site Babes of Babylon (reviewed here, too). Make sure you bookmark this one or you'll be missing out!

  A1 Nude Celebs   [ www.a1nudecelebs.com.com ]
  One of my all time favorite nude celebrity sites. Formerly known as Celebrity Skin until the magazine made them give up the domain a few years back, it's been online since 1995 and is still growing! As one of the first real nude celebrity sites on the Internet it has been featured in Web Magazine as the Editor's Choice, on television and unfortunately, in litigation by some celebs for exposing them. Best of all this is not a membership site.
  When you enter the site you'll like the look, feel and features. Enjoy it the way it is or use the Preferences to make it work the way you like. On your initial visit I suggest you read the First Timer's page to get some tips on how to get the most out of the site. Some features are very subtle.
  Content consists of many of thousands celebrity nudes with fakes clearly marked, a special Playmate of the Year Archive, digital art, email addresses, official web sites, and a special Fake Info & Pics section. Thumbnail pages have a link to the IMDB, one to submit info and most have bio info on the celebrity. Thumbs are displayed newest to oldest.
  The fake section is cool because it first explains about fakes, then you click "Show Me" and get thumbnails of all fakes on the site. Click on a thumbnail for the bigger pics and under the photo, if they have real nudes, there's a link to show thumbnails of all pics of that celeb. The archive is fully database driven so you can search, categorize or do just about what you want. Since the celebs are in categories like Actresses, Actors, Singers, Athletes, etc. you can tell it to give you a list of just Athletes from the last update only or all of them. It's totally simple to use and what a time saver.
  Want to see all the girls of Baywatch or just "tennis players"? Use the search feature and in 1/2 second you'll have a list. Of course, you can always list them alphabetically by letter if you want to go the old fashioned way. Put all this together and you've got a winner. Add the fact there's no membership fee and you've hit the jackpot.

  Female Celebrities .com   [ www.femalecelebrities.com ]
  Quite possibly the largest female nude celebrity site on the Web you'll find enough content here to keep you busy for a long time. It's like a 'mega' site of nude celebrity content as well as tons of complimentary celebrity stuff. The site also features full Filmography and biographies on each celeb, a section called Celebrity Mug Shots which is hysterical, celebrity addresses, the Top 100, and much more.
  In the photo galleries when you click a celeb name the next screen brings up a nice head shot with lots of info including how many nude and non-nude pictures are available. Since the site is database driven it's fully searchable so you don't have to waid through unwanted celebs. They've also created a bunch of pre-done groups like Bond Girls, Athletes, etc. to get you what you want quickly.
  Want even more celebrity content? They've got it. Celebrity autographs, a good fake nude celebrity section, a special Paparazzi section, the Soap Star galleries, and even a Barely Legal Celebs area.
  If you've been through all this and want some non-celeb content Female Celebrities has tons of it. There's a huge Pornstar gallery, live video feeds, amateur dorm cams, magazines and virtually any type of content you can imagine.
  There staff makes sure that there is something fresh and new every time you login with a list of new content on the first page. I visit daily, sometimes more than once.

  Mr. Skin   [ www.mrskin.com ]
  Unlike most sites Mr. Skin has been designed to make your experience fun and entertaining while delivering loads of nude celebrity movies and picture montages of nude celebrities. Everything revolves around actresses. No sports figures or male celebs here. It's one of the largest, most compelling nude celebrity picture and move sites I've come across.
  Pictures and movie clips aside, this site offers so much additional content you could stay busy for days on your first visit! From detailed movie reviews to actress filmography to "a trip down Mammary Lane" you'll find everything and anything about your favorite female celebrities here. Keep your eyes on the Skin-O-Meter that rates every actress and/or movie to let you know what kind of nudity you're in for.
  The site is updated every single day with fresh content including the Mr. Skin Minute, Radio Free Skin, Ask Mr. Skin and lots more. Expect 30 or more new pics of nude celebrities every day. Want to see what's new at the theaters, on DVD or television? It's all here! All pictures are hi-res scans or vid caps so they may take a few seconds longer to download. It's worth it though.
  As for nude celebrity movie clips, they come in two flavors: Real Audio w/o sound for low speed modem connections and Quick Time w/ sound for those with high speed connections. You tell the system your connection speed and the movie format is automatically adjusted. If you're not at hight speed, but want the QT format with sound you can just tell the system your high speed. Be prepared to wait a bit though as QT format clips are much larger than Real Audio formatted movies.
  You'll find a wealth of information about movies and celebrities here, especially those with nudity. For those who aren't interested in all the add-on content you may want to hit a site that is more dedicated to nude celebrity movies and pictures without the bonus stuff. I'll certainly visit the site often.

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